Data protection policy

By creating an account, it will be easier to make a purchase again. If you wish for us to store your data, no further action is needed. If you no longer wish for us to store your data, please send us a mail: We will then delete your data.

We do not forward your data; and we automatically delete them after 2 years, if your account has been inactive.

You can read more about the Bridgewalking’s data protection policy below:

Bridgewalking privacy policy

1. Introduction

When you use Bridgewalking will store your data in accordance with the current law and the following privacy policy.

You can read more about how Bridgewalking stores your data and find answers to the following:

  • What data do we collect? (see article 2)
  • Why and how do we store your personal data? (see article 3)
  • What are your rights in this regard? (see article 4)
  • How do we protect your personal data? (see point 5), and
  • How do you contact us if you wish to invoke your rights in this regard? (see article 7).

2. Collection of your personal data

Personal data are all kinds of information that in some way relate to you.

When you make use of our platforms, such as when you register as a customer, update your profile, purchase a gift voucher or tickets – or participate in a competition or survey, we collect and store personal data about you.

We collect the following information: Name, address, e-mail, telephone number, IP address, the mobile devices you are using, payment data, your purchases on, and information about your use of

Since our services depend on the correctness of your personal data, we ask you to tell us about any changes to these. You always have the option of updating your e-mail address and telephone number on your account.

3. Storing your personal data


We only collect and store personal data about you to provide you with the optimal customer experience and to:

  • Identify you as a customer,
  • Register your purchases,
  • Deliver the services you ask for – including gift vouchers and tickets,
  • Contact you by telephone or e-mail if you walk has been cancelled, for example,
  • Improve the functionality of our platform, services, and products.

The legal foundation of collecting and storing names, addresses, telephone numbers, payment data, purchases on is the Danish Data Protection Act, section 6, subsection 1, litra b.

Our legitimate interest is to identify you as a customer, to provide support, and to contact you if your walk has been cancelled, for example.

Transfer of your personal data to data processors

To provide you with our services we make use of a group of data processing partners. The data processors we use only store your data on behalf of us and do not use them on their own behalf.

We make sure that our data processors live up to a high standard regarding data protection and security and that they comply with the relevant law. We only make use of data processors in Denmark who can provide sufficient security for your data.

Bridgewalking uses and transfers your personal data to the following data processors who process and store your personal data: system and hosting providers, market research companies, financial institutes, and providers of e-commerce solutions.

Transfer of personal data to third parties

Bridgewalking does not transfer your data to third parties.

Deleting your personal data

We store your personal data as long as you wish to remain a customer at If your account has been inactive for 2 years, your data is automatically deleted.

If you inform us that you no longer wish to be a customer, your data will immediately be deleted from our system.

In the case of a completed purchase, you can choose to save your payment information. Your payment and credit card information are saved at Bridgewalking’s PCI-certified payment service provider. This information can then be reused for purchases on our platforms. When you use a credit card on our platforms only the payment service provider – and not Bridgewalking – will have access to your information, both when you purchase tickets or gift vouchers, and when you choose to save your credit card information for later use. Using and saving credit card information is thus only a matter between you and the payment service provider even though it is taking place on our platforms.

4. Your rights

In accordance with the Data Protection Act you have a series of rights regarding how we store your data. If you wish to invoke your rights, please contact us. You can read our contact information below in article 7. You can read about your rights in the Danish Data Protection Agency’s handbook on the rights of the registered which you will find on

The right to access your personal data

You always have the right to access which personal data we have registered about you. You can find our contact information below in article 7.

The right to correct or delete inaccurate personal information

If the personal data we have stored is inaccurate, you have the right to correct them.

You can at any time correct your main personal data on your account at

The right to object to how we store your personal data

You have the right to object to how we store your personal data. If your objection is warranted, we make sure that we stop storing your personal data.

Retrieval of personal data

You have the right to retrieve your personal data you have provided us with.

5. Protection of your personal data

Our security standards are high – including when it comes to the protection of your personal data. For that reason, we have a series of internal procedures and policies that ensure that we live up to our high security standards. We have several technical and organisational initiatives to prevent any accidental or illegal deletion, disclosure, loss, deterioration, or misuse of your personal data.

6. Requests and complaints

If you have any questions regarding the abovementioned or wish to invoke your rights, see article 4 above, including the right to access the data we have registered about you, requests to correct inaccurate data, etc., please write to us. Our contact information is found below in article 7.

You have the right to submit a complaint to the Danish Data Protection Agency, if you are unsatisfied with the way we store your personal data. You will find the Danish Data Protection Agency’s contact information on

7. Contact information

You are always welcome to contact our data protection advisor, if you have any questions regarding how we store your personal data. Please address your enquiry to:

If you wish to delete your account, please address your request to


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