Wedding on the Old Little Belt Bridge

Getting married is a unique experience in itself, but getting married at 60 metres above sea level – with an absolutely stunning view over the Little Belt, Jutland and Funen – sends you to the 7th heaven in more ways than one.

Det første brudepar der blev viet på toppen af broen.
Photographer: Laust Jordal

Wedding ceremony on the bridge and on land

There is room for 20 guests on each team, so it is possible to have up to 17 guests on the bridge in addition to yourself and the registrar. You walk in a line on the bridge and are secured by a safety line. You must be wearing the overalls provided, and therefore, it’s not possible to wear a dinner jacket or wedding dress. Instead, we allow you to decorate the overalls if you wish.

The minimum height for Bridgewalking is 140 cm, and the walk is not recommended for people with walking difficulties.

The wedding itself takes place in the middle of the bridge, while the exchange of rings and signing of marriage documents takes place on land. No loose objects are allowed on the bridge for safety reasons, so all guests can experience this part of the ceremony on land – gathered around the bridal couple.

Photographer: Steffen Stamp



Photos of the bride and groom during the wedding on the bridge can be arranged with Bridgewalking Little Belt. You cannot bring a regular camera, GoPro camera or camera phone. The guide takes photos with their phone, which are then uploaded to the website. If you do not want your private wedding photos published, please mention this in the conversation with Bridgewalking. If you would like a professional photographer, please contact Bridgewalking to discuss this.

The entire ceremony on the bridge and land lasts 2 hours.

To get married on the bridge, you must contact the Citizen Service Centre in either Fredericia or Middelfart Municipality, as well as Bridgewalking Little Belt, to arrange a wedding on the bridge.