Gift certificates

Congratulations on your gift certificate – we look forward to seeing you on the bridge!

When you book a ticket, you can pay with your gift certificate, which does not function as a ticket in itself.

The gift certificate can only be redeemed where it is purchased, which means that:

  • Gift certificates purchased at Bridgewalking Little Belt must be redeemed when buying tickets on our website.
  • Gift certificates purchased at Truestory/DuGlemmerDetAldrig must be redeemed at Truestory/DuGlemmerDetAldrig via their website or by phone at +45 78 76 92 29.

To redeem your gift certificate on Bridgewalking Little Belt’s website, select a walk, add it to your basket and go to payment. Here you will find a field where you need to enter the gift certificate redemption code, and then you pay with the gift certificate.

The redemption code is 15 characters, and it starts with BW, followed by a series of numbers and small letters. Remember to complete your purchase by entering your customer details and pressing the green ‘GO TO PAYMENT’ button at the bottom of the page – even if you do not need to make a further payment.

Use 1 code for 1 ticket. If you have multiple gift certificates, redeem them by entering one redemption code at a time in the field, and this can be done in the same order.

You will then receive an email with your tickets.

Gift certificates are valid for 3 years from the date of purchase.

Click here for a more detailed guide.

Redeem your gift certificate here