Photos from Bridgewalking

Below you can download photos from your walk on the bridge. Select a date and time. As the walk takes 2 hours, it is necessary to choose several times to be sure to find all the photos.

The guide takes photos with the iPhone they have with them if it is necessary to call for help. Unfortunately, the photos are not always good due to weather, lighting conditions, etc.

We cannot guarantee that there will be photos from all walks, nor can we guarantee that all guests will be photographed. The guide’s main job is to act as a guide on the bridge and ensure safety.

If a guest poses for a photo on the bridge, we will consider this as consent for a photo to be taken, which will then be uploaded to download for free on the page. It may take a few days before the photos are on the website. Photos are stored for 2 months, after which they are deleted. If you want your photo deleted, please contact us at

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If the photos do not appear, you can also click here to view them in a new window