Steps and stairs on the bridge

A walk on the bridge should be a nice experience. We need to reach a height of 60 meters and to walk about 2.5 km. We have 2 hours to do so, including check-in and preparing for the walk. We have described the steps and stairs we will meet on the way below.


Stairwell tower

We begin by walking up a stairwell tower (22 + 39 steps) before reaching our first catwalk. At this point we will hook onto a safety rail.



The approx. 100 m catwalk takes us to our point of no return (30 meters above sea-level). The guide will at this point decide whether everyone will be able to continue on and finish the walk. If you do not want to continue, you will be hooked onto a different rail, so you can turn back. You can go visit our Welcome Centre till the rest of the group is back. Your ticket will sadly not be refunded in the case that you do not finish the walk.


First part of a double stairwell: 39 steps

Afterward, we continue up our next stairwell. The stairwell is double and divided into two sections of 39 and 28 steps respectively. We will use a safety mechanism that also makes it easier to get up the stairwell. The guide will explain the use of the safety mechanism when you reach the stairwell.


Second part of the double stairwell: 28 trin


Once we reach the top (48 m above sea-level) we usually take a small break before moving on to the footbridge. If you are out of breath from the stairwell, you will catch it again while enjoying the impressive view.

The bridge walk takes place on the old original deck (about 750 m on each side of the bridge). There is a guard rail, and your will be hooked onto the safety line of the bridge at all times during the walk.

To reach the eastern side of the bridge you need to go up a ladder and walk across a transverse catwalk.


The ladder up to the transverse catwalk: 7 steps


The ladder down from the transverse catwalk: 7 steps


The view from the transverse catwalk (Jutland):


On the eastern side of the bridge, we will make our return to Funen. To reach the eastern side of the bridge you once more need to cross via a transverse catwalk – which means going up (and down) a ladder again.

The view from the transverse catwalk (Funen):


To reach ground-level you once more need to walk down a double stairwell and the steps of the stairwell tower. All in all, it is a walk of about 2 km – and with about 280 steps up and down both stairwells and ladders.